The Technician class in Codename: CURE is one of the two defensive classes available. The Technician can place a turret on ground the same level as he stands on. The turret is vulnerable to zombie attacks, and once destroyed, cannot be placed again until the technician dies and respawns.


  • Placing a turret behind the Support's supply box provides cover from zombies and delays zombies, protecting the turret. This is especially useful at a doorway, but remember to place the turret far enough away, as zombies can climb on (but NOT past) the Support's supply box.
  • You can climb on top of the turret, on 2 different levels, starting from the back leg. The turret is higher than the Support's supply box so you can reach higher areas. You can NOT stack supply boxes or turrets.
  • An advanced tactic that requires enormous teamwork is to place 2 support boxes in the form of a square in a corner of a room, as far away from the corner as possible while still blocking zombies. Then placing the turret as much in the corner as possible. This provides a good bunker, although you may risk getting hit by the turret if not on top of or behind it.


Slow pump-action shotgun.