The Support

"The Support class is a primarily defensive class, and with its deployable supply chest is an essential part of any team. The chest, once deployed, provides you and your teammates with health, ammo, and armour when standing nest to it, and replenishes its supplies when not in use. The class also has an MP5k sub-machine gun and USP for very accurate fire, ideal for defending in close quarters, whilst minimizing friendly-fire incidents"~In-Game Description

The Support is a defensive class with the purpose of supporting their teammates. They are an invaluable part of any team, as their supply chest is the only way of recovering health, armour and ammo other than the packs that occasionally drop off zombies or are found in the map. However, they are not damage dealers and should not be played as such.



MP5k Sub-Machine Gun

  • Large clip size
  • Very accurate at any range
  • Rapid fire
  • Low damage


USP Match

Hk usp match by sadow1213-d512nqj
  • Good damage
  • Good accuracy
  • Low rate of fire
  • Small clip size


Supply Chest

  • When deployed, provides health, ammo and armour to all people standing next to it.
  • When picked up, replenishes supplies at constant rate (Max 100).
  • [s]Cannot be destroyed.[/s] As of version 2 the chest can be destroyes
  • Remains deployed even after player who deployed it is dead.