The Pointman

"The Pointman sports the quick-fire M4 Semi-Automatic Shotgun as its primary weapon, making it perfect for scouting ahead, checking corners in closed environments, and quickly thinning out large zombie swarms when your teammates are in trouble. This class also makes use of its dual-wielded Infinity pistol skills, large combined side-arm clip and grenades to stay on the offensive and keep those zombies dropping" ~In-Game Description

The Pointman is an offensive class well suited for scouting and engagements in close quarters. Armed with a high-powered, quick firing shotgun as its primary weapon, supported by dual-wielded Infinity pistols and grenades, this class is best suited for players who enjoy quick attacks



M4 Super-90 Semi-Automatic Shotgun

M4SPR90Silver zpsd3d698da
  • Quick firing speed
  • High damage
  • Bullet spread allows for hitting multiple targets at close range
  • High reload time
  • Bullet spread reduces damage at longer range.


Dual Infinity Pistols

  • Large clip
  • Quick firing speed
  • Dual pistols require double reload speed
  • No iron sights for aiming, low accuracy over long distances


HE (HIgh-Explosive) Grenades

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