Codename CURE - Classes Trailer

Codename CURE - Classes Trailer

Official Codename: CURE Classes Trailer

Classes in Codename Cure

In Codename Cure, there are 5 classes for a player to chose from. They are as follows:

Each class plays a different role in the game, and as such different players will favour certain classes, based on their playstyle.

As a General rule:

  • Pointman and Assault are best suited for frontline attacks. High damage output over a short period of time, combined with both classes equipped with grenades allows for quick disposal of zombies in an area.
  • Support and Sniper are best for providing additional firepower from farther back. With both classes favouring accuracy over brute firepower, they can usually trail behind the offensive classes while still actively engaging the enemy.
  • The Technician can play either offensively or support, based on his/her personal preference or what is required of his team. A high-powered shotgun allows for offensive pushes while his deployable sentry gun provides great supporting firepower.

Remember these are just general rules. Each class does not necessarily have to follow what is outlined here. Each player should decide for his or her self what class and play style works best for them.