The Assault

"The Assault class uses the Galil Assault Rifle as its primary weapon and with its very large clip, high rate of fire and devastating damage, mowing down zombies that stand in your way is no problem. This makes the assault class ideal for both defensive and offensive positions within a team. The class also makes use of the CZ 75 pistol and grenades to supplement the assault rifle and help reserve some of that precious primary ammo."~In-Game Description

The Assault is a primarily offensive class that can play defensively should the need arise. They are best suited for crowd control, as the high-damage and quick rate of fire come at the cost of low accuracy and high gun wavering. The CZ 75 pistol is ideal for eliminating solitary enemies, and the grenades allow for even more crowd control.



IMI Galil

  • High rate of fire
  • High damage
  • Large clip size
  • Low accuracy
  • High gun wavering when firing
  • Rapidly consumes ammo


CZ 75

1977 CZ-75
  • Good ammo reserve
  • Good damage
  • Good accuracy
  • Low rate of fire
  • Low damage compared to primary weapon


HE (High-Explosive) Grenades

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